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Dr. Jeff Macdonald - Mission to Albania, 2017

Dr. Jeffrey Macdonald's continuing mission at the Orthodox seminary in Durres, Albania

Dr. Jeffrey last spoke to us in 2017. He returned Sunday, August 20th to update us on his missionary work teaching at an Orthodox seminary in a majority Muslim country where the secularized government barely recognizes the value of the Orthodox Christian faith.

Orthodox Architecture
Praying With the Church - Fr. Jacob at Toccoa Falls College, Nov 5, 2015
The Gurus, the Old Man, & the Elder Paisios
Fr. John Behr at St. Timothy's
Jesus Christ:  Fulfillment of the Creation of Man

Fr. John Behr is the Dean of St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary, Crestwood, NY, and author of The Mystery of Christ:  Life in Death.

Here is the lecture in two parts:
Part One (43 min)

Part Two (50 min)
Fr. Michael Oleksa's Lectures in Greenville, SC on The Orthodox Missionary Legacy in North America

at St. John of the Ladder Orthodox Church - Part One

at Furman University - Part Two
Archimandrite Meletios Webber
Seeking the Path to the Kingdom of Heaven:

      1. The Mind & The Heart: An Orthodox Anthropology

      2. Meeting God in the Material World

      3. The Sound of Silence

      4. Finding The Place of the Heart

Bishop Kallistos Ware
Fr. Thomas Hopko
An Orthodox Understanding of Marriage - Fr. John Mack
NOTE:  The original Video version of this series is again available. Speak to Fr. Jacob about borrowing or buying a copy. The MP3 version is right here!

In this five-part series, Fr. John Mack accurately contrasts an Orthodox understanding of marriage with a Western Christian understanding of marriage as a "contract."

Part I -  Whatever Happened to Marriage?

Part II - Marriage as Mystery

Part III - Marriage as Icon

Part IV - Marriage as Martyrdom

Part V -  The Nature of the Marital Cross

Lewis At Home In Oxford
Lewis at Home in Oxford

This wonderful lecture was recorded by my good friend Jefferey Macdonald, at Texas State University, where Walter Hooper, a North Carolina born gentleman who served C.S. Lewis as his secretary during the last few years of Lewis' life, gave this presentation. This is well-worth listening to!